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Thread: How to change? " Call log " time since last call display. Droid 1 moto, ver 2.2

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    How to change? " Call log " time since last call display. Droid 1 moto, ver 2.2

    Whenever I need to call someone back that is not saved to my "contacts" I usually remember I spoke with them (for instance) last Friday at 11:05am. The problem is I usually have made a MILLION calls on every Friday and so I go to find the person I called and the display in the call log says "6 days ago" or August 20th or whatever the date was.

    My last phone, told you "Friday 8/20 11:05am" I never realized how GREAT that display format was until I didn't have it.

    Is there any way to change the DATE format?

    Honestly I cant believe how WORTHLESS the format they chose is, you couldn't possibly chose a more worthless format for displaying the date and time of a call if you tried. Here is how they are currently displayed

    For the first day it says "2 hours ago", or "22 hours ago",
    for the second day it says "YESTERDAY" based on 48 hours from the current time. IE: if 2 calls were made less than an hour apart at approximately 48 hours, one will say yesterday, and the other will say the date (giving you the impression they were made on different days).
    for the next 6 days it says, "1 to 6 days ago"
    after that it says only the date "August 19th"

    I don't know about you guys, but my days run together when I'm busy, and oddly enough I can remember if a made or received a call on a Tuesday or a Friday but for me to think OH that was "4 days ago" especially when my phone is making a rolling determination on a day for "you" being exactly 24 hours is a TOTAL pain in the A$$. Furthermore, once more than 7 days has passed, I have NO IDEA what date that WAS. I can easily recall a month ago I spoke with this guy at 3:30pm and I got no calls between noon and 3:30, so I go searching my call log on my old phone and BAM I got it. On this phone HOLY $HIT is it a PITA, you have to OPEN each call (and risk calling them again) to see the exact time the call was made.

    If anybody knows how I can change this to have a format like this

    Fri 8/20 11:05 am

    Please let us know.
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    Thumbs up Get a call log app!

    In the Market, there are plenty of free (and paid) apps that allow you to track calls (number, date, TIME of call, and call duration). Some of these apps even sync the call log information to your Google calendar so you can view it on your phone's calendar or your PC's calendar!

    "CallTrack" is one app I've heard people really like to use and it's a free app.

    Do a search in the market on the keywords: phone call log ...and you'll find a bunch of solutions.

    I hope this helps!

    (For the record.... I agree with you 1000%.... it's annoying how the stock call log stamps the date without the call time and call duration... my Palm Treo650 did this)


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