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Thread: After 2.2, Automatic Brightness no longer works properly

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    After 2.2, Automatic Brightness no longer works properly

    I've noticed since the 2.2 update that my phone's Auto-brightness is not working properly. I searched to see if anyone else has reported issues, and found none here, but did find a post on another website describing the issue well.

    link here, I'll quote the description below.

    After updating to 2.2, the auto-brightness on my Droid no longer works properly. As soon as the sensor on the unit sees bright light and auto-turns the screen brightness up, it will no longer turn it back down again until I use the power button to turn off the screen and back on again. At this point, it will continue to operate at the "low brightness" setting until it once again sees bright light and turns the brightness up, where it once again gets "stuck."

    Note that even though the screen brightness is malfunctioning, the light behind the 4 main buttons continues to work -- i.e. it turns on and off based on the brightness in the room. The screen, however, no longer toggles once it's bright.

    I was surprised that I couldn't find any other reports of this given that I had the chance to test a second Droid, and it does the exact same thing. Doesn't anyone else see this? Is there any setting that effects this? I've tried using both the settings menu and the power widget to turn auto-brightness off and on again. I've also power cycled the phone, including taking the battery out. This behavior, however, continues. I don't see any other display settings that may effect this.

    On a related note, during the period where the screen IS at the correct low brightness in auto-brightness mode (i.e. if I don't expose the unit to bright light), the "car home" screen is WAY too dark and hard to read in anything but total darkness if it's in "auto brightness" mode. Once the unit gets stuck at full brightness, however, the "car home" screen looks okay again.
    Anyone else notice this problem? Any fix?
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    I have this same issue. It has been like that on every Froyo rom I have used. No idea if this is the way it is supposed to be but I do not like it.


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