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Thread: Another Droid I muffled call complaint

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    Another Droid I muffled call complaint

    Just like the dozens of other threads on here, I am having an intermittent problem with some calls sounded very muffled. To the point that the people on the other end of the line cannot understand a single word I am saying unless I almost yell at the phone. This doesent happen all the time, and I can hear them fine, but it is getting very aggravating.

    Anyways, I called up Verizon tech support today (for the umpteenth time on this issue and swearing I was going to get some resolution), and they (of course) never have heard of this issue. After verifying my Android version, then asking if the screened was cracked, she offered to send me a replacement. I asked if this replacement was a re-manufactured one. She said Motorola does a 101 pt inspection, replaces all bad parts, re-boxes, then sends it out. My response was "So it is re-manufactured?" She reluctantly agreed it was.

    So here is my problem. I bought a BRAND NEW phone, expecting it to work. It doesent in its primary function. So they want to send me a phone that someone else has had a problem with to replace mine that currently has a problem. Maybe its just me, but that doesent fly to well. Am I wrong in demanding a NEW phone? Not some remanufactured P.O.S. that has obviously had a problem in the past?

    p.s. I purchased my Droid I end of March or so.


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