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Thread: Kernel help with 1.25ghz

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    Kernel help with 1.25ghz

    I have a question with kernels, particularly the 1.25ghz. My droid is currently rooted and running BB v0.4 with the smoked glass theme. I am also currently running Chevy's 1.2ghz ulowv 7 slot. I tried upgrading my kernel to chevy's 1.25ghz ulowv but everytime I do, my phone will freeze up on me and I would have to restart it. I see that other people are running 1.25ghz kernels on their droids but I am unable to run it on mine. Is there something wrong with my droid? Or do I have to install another app to allow it to work with 1.25ghz kernels?

    Motorola Droid running 2.2 on BB v0.4 with Chevy's 1.2ghz ulowv kernel.
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    It just means your phone doesn't work well over 1.2ghz. Nothing you can do. Every phone is different. Mine doesn't work well over 1.1ghz.
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    Oooh, I see. I figured all motorola droids were capable of doing the same things because they are all the same models with the same specs but I guess not. =/

    I have another question regarding the voltages. So, I know that using low voltages means you will have a better battery life, and using high voltages means you would have a lower battery life. If that's the case, why would you ever use high voltage? Do the high voltage kernels work better than the low voltage kernels when it comes to performance?


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