I paired my Droid to the JVC-BT1 Bluetooth stereo deck in my car. No problems there, and once I spotted the phonebook transfer request on the phone even that went fine.

On this phone and my previous (Motorola MING), both would play a notification sound when they connected to the stereo (basically, whenever I started the car). Same goes for disconnecting, although the phones seem to take longer to acknowledge that they've been disconnected. (Denial?)

Sometime in the last two weeks my phone won't make the notification sound any more, although it still connects phone/music just fine. I've messed with lots of settings and programs during that time, so I can't figure out what I changed to prevent the notification sound from playing during connect/disconnect. I combed through the bluetooth settings and can't find anything in regards to a notification ringtone.

While this really isn't a big deal, I miss hearing "DROID" when my phone takes control of the car (stereo). Any ideas on how to fix this?