Hi everyone, I'm sorry I'm kinda rushing into this, but it's a bit of an emergency. My friend has a Droid, (the original as far as I know, I haven't been keeping up with models at all) I tried downloading Pdanet through the Droid's browser. I couldn't tell whether or not there wasnt enough space for the app or it wasn't compatible. In the meantime, I had no way to get the driver on the computer so I just waited. My friend looked at her phone and when she went to her gallery, all the photos were missing. I freaked out because I noticed in the app it said it could delete pictures or something. I mounted the Droid and thankfully everything was still there. I copied the essentials for a backup, but for some reason the pictures still cannot be viewed. Is there a way to make the gallery view internal store or the card? I'm confused as to why if the pictures are there, it wont recognize them and why is has anything to do with Pdanet?