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Thread: Bluetooth Voice Dialing; Moto Droid

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    Bluetooth Voice Dialing; Moto Droid


    Help! I cannot seem to get bluetooth voice dialing working on my moto droid.

    Currenty Running:
    Jawbone (3) Prime
    ROM: Bugless Beast v0.4 (Froyo)

    This headset rocks, but I will not use if it will not support BT dialing.

    Can someone point me to a kernel/rom that fully supports it on the Moto Droid? Please!!

    Thanks to anyone!

    Side Notes:
    -FYI, i have not seen a good collection of problems involved, or kernels tried. I am posting my adventures here so I hope it helps _someone_. Oh, I use slang in my notes, so beware.
    -The BT VD on the Prime is a pain in the butt. I really have to use some pressure to activate it.

    ********* Sapphire Build 0.6.0 (*work in progress):

    Confirmed-kinda-working with Sapphire Build 0.6.0 ( http://sapphire.cvpcs.org/wiki/relea...se_information )-- Might be intermittent as well, but in the process of troubleshooting. (could have bad headset..)

    Works once, maybe twice with Sapphire, but it completely annihilates BT (un-pairs and will not re-pair headset) and forced to reboot. :-/

    1. When it crashes, you wont know till you are attempting another voice dial. BT Voice Dialer just hangs at "Starting Up"
    2. Mixing on-phone and BT commands (pushing talk to stop call as opposed to hitting END on phone) will _always_ cause BT to hang.
    3. Starting BT VD when screen is locked will hang BT

    -Have to talk loud, or the VD will not rec'uh'nize my voice.
    -When number dial is done (speaking the actual number) the repeat is piss poor... very static'y.

    ********Simply Stunning 4.3

    Confirmed BT VD _not_ working in Simply Stunning 4.3 http://chevyno1.richstevenson.com/froyo/4.3/

    1. Will not BT VD, however, triple tap auto redial works.

    ********Bugless Beast V0.4

    [ROM STABLE] Bugless Beast V0.4 Android 2.2 FRF84B (Fully Deodexed)

    **** Update 1
    Inits BT VD, but hangs. In process of rewiping and reloading now.

    **** Update 2
    OMFG. BB v0.4 after a data wipe is the best so far.

    -Data wipe after installation of BB is mandatory, I guess.

    Problems fixed so far:
    1. Will not hang as bad as Saphire did
    2. BT Volume is retained!!!!!!!
    3. Can call with the screen locked.

    It's not going to take me long to find something really annoying. I will try and replicate the 'not working after a while' bug.


    (Yes. I have been loading ROMs in and out since 8:45 this morning. (1:35PM now.)

    Please add any ROM requests to this thread (please post D/L links, if you can) and I will _gladly_ do some testing on them.
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    motorola droid
    I have a
    jawbone 1
    bugless v0.4 + chevy lv 1.0g kernel.
    Bluetooth voice dialing works but it has issues where the bluetooth will quit working. After I reboot my phone it works again for awhile.
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    It worked for me with the "release" version of FroYo, but the BT dial app itself was a bit flaky, a lot of times it wouldn't wait for me to confirm the contact before it dialed. I haven't tested it with CM6 ALpha 3 yet since I just installed it this morning, but I'll let ya know.
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    hmm... i will try CM6 and see what i can get. thanks for the suggestion!

    i guess my question is, is why is that functionality removed if it is supposed to be 'stock' with 2.2?

    given the diversity of problems i am seeing with each ROM, it would lead me to believe that it is not implemented with _just_ one switch in the OS. (I would _think_ that it was just one variable switch BT_DIAL=0; or something to that effect...)
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    meh. i got a new phone on the way, anyway.
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    this phone does everything, watching tv, streaming audio, gaming but cant get the dang bluetooth dial to work. my old moto razor was flawless! is there away to grab whatever files are on that phone and port over to the droid....hope this is not to much of a dumb question.
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