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Thread: WI-FI issue

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    WI-FI issue

    Something strange happened...all of a sudden my Droid would not connect with Wi-Fi...the WiFi in the house is the same one I've been using since I got the Droid late last year. The Computers in the house all work fine on WiFi...same router. I verified that the green check mark was checked. I re-verified that I had the WEP code in correctly...still no function.

    So I called Moto and they had me reset the Droid...did, still no luck. Called Verizon and they replaced it. However, the new Droid works just like the old one. Well, they have a third one coming...but I worry that it the problem is outside the Droid...but I can't imagine what.

    Anyone have any ideas what my problem might be?

    Tom Pilkington
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    Did you read through this thread: OFFICIAL Are you having WiFi problems Thread
    Baton Rouge, LA
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    Nice Bayou! I rarely use WiFi so I tend not to even notice if I have problems with it


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