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Thread: several annoying issues..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LtKen View Post
    Also, you havent addressed the possibility that you have some program installed that's causing problems.... When you get your new phone, do you re-download the same apps each time? Do you backup/restore with an app?

    It's either this, or user error. I've seen a few people around here who got 2 or 3 bad phones, but when it gets up to 4 or more, it's usually user error.
    It is not user error and it is not an app.
    Quote Originally Posted by Erron View Post
    Yea, this sounds kind of user error. What phone did you have before the droid? How long have you been under contract? Maybe its just a case of learning a little more about the android system.

    1. It doesn't make sense that your touch screen only becomes unresponsive when you are getting a call. If you can text/type/browse/open apps your screen must be working.

    2. Your contacts will just disappear. We need mroe information. Are you going through the contacts app? Is it every contact, just the fb ones?

    3. Remove the search bar and see if this keeps happening. Is this happening when plugged into a charger or random?

    I could see this on one phone, but youve gotten your third refurb by now and I cannot believe that all are the exact same in defect.
    I had the iphone before3yrs, 3 diff phones as in upgrades never once in my life turned in a phone for warranty till now), I've had this phone for 3 months. I pretty much know the ins and outs of the phone. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of these issues the verizon rep has seen himself and has messed with himself. He has worked with me every step of the way through all 4 phones and KNOWS it's not user error otherwise it wouldn't of happened to him.

    1. I know, but it happens. The verizon guy said it might be because I use the keyboard too much and confusing the system?

    2. I'm using gmail for my contacts. It's not connected to FB in any way since the first phone. I use FB online not the FB app.

    3. How do I remove the search bar?

    I don't even have any apps downloaded right now, just the plain jane stock everything.

    I know it's not user error because I'm pretty internet/phone/tech savy.

    I've done everything the verizon guy has done. He's said he's had every single issue but not all at once and not as frequent and they just "went away" on it's own. So I dunno.
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    I read DF alot & don't recall this type of issue. To OP: there are people here willing to help you out if you give them enough information. I'm curious though could you post a youtube of your phone having this issue? This may help pinpoint the issue.
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    Yeah if I can grab my camera between the cries of my little one LOL
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