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Thread: Droid not switching between 1X and 3G despite good 3G coverage

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    Droid not switching between 1X and 3G despite good 3G coverage

    When I first got my droid I had 3G everywhere all the time, though about 8 months or so into my ownership it began to more or less only recieve 1X signal. I tried updating the coverage area, popping out the battery, switching different wireless/plane settings and various other sundry methods.

    I accidentally dropped my droid in a parking lot and cracked the screen pretty bad. So I filed an insurance claim and had a new one sent to me I was hoping that maybe it was tied to the phone, no such luck it turns out.

    After charging my phone to the full capacity I noted the same behavior from the new phone. I can tell it has good 3G because I'll get sustained bursts of 3G that are all the bars light up and during that time I can running streaming apps such as radio and video fine. Though eventually it'll arbitrarily switch back to 1X despite having the maximum amount of bars on 3G.

    I read into this a bit more and saw somewhere that someone had gone through the process of calling tech support, and got lucky enough to find someone willing to investigate the issue instead of just "The towers down" or, "Try these things I know you've done ten times already" and found out that the android OS seems to want to switch from 3G to 1X even though a good 3G connection is available and there are several tickets in on Motorola's site from VZW about the same thing (this is what the support rep told the person I'm referencing). This issue is SUPPOSED to be fixed in the rollout of the new android OS though we still have to wait for VZW to nerf all the juicy bits before we'll get it on our droid unless you want to go through the trouble of rooting/installing community made builds of the version of the OS.

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything else about this or had heard anything similar.
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    Nope, first time.

    Could be OS update issue, then... Did you try updating?


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