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Thread: Woke up today and all my contacts were missing

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    Angry Woke up today and all my contacts were missing

    Today I went to call someone with my Droid and my contact list showed up as empty. This has never happened to me before and I have not done anything out of the ordinary with my phone. I bought the Droid last November and since then I've never had an issue with my contact list... I keep getting logged out of Facebook but I've never had an issue with my contact list.

    This is how it happened: I got up this morning and went to check Facebook with the Facebook app and I had to login, accept the terms, and setup the sync. This has happened several times in the past for no apparent reason, but whatever it's easy to log back in. But when I went to make a phone call about and hour later my entire contact list was empty. My contact list on google.com/contacts showed everything as it was before... everyone is on there and in the correct groups. I tried using the sync option in the contact list on my phone but nothing would happen. I then went into the Display Options and everything was unchecked for my Google account. I'm not sure how or why this happened but checking everything didn't bring my contacts back, neither did manually syncing with Google after setting up the display options. What's even more odd is that the Favorites list on my phone showed everyone that was on there before, even when my contact list was empty.

    This is how I fixed it: I went back to google.com/contacts and selected everyone under the My Contacts group and added them to another group called "Everyone". I then went into the Display Options from the contact list on my phone and turned everything off. I then turned off auto sync and manually synced my google contacts (this took a while). Now, when I went back to Display Options the new list, Everyone, showed up and I checked it. Now all my contacts are back.

    While I was able to fix the problem I'm worried that it will happen again since I didn't do anything out of the ordinary last night or this morning with my phone. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what could have caused this? I have an the Dialer One application, which is great, but worry that it might have been the reason.
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    The only comparison I have was a quirky issue that happened to me while (as usual) sitting at a baseball field. In my circumstance I lost locked text messages, a few picture files, and a couple of emails in two of three accounts. I thought it was odd but because I was such a new user I did not sweat the small stuff. I am not a facebook user.
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    I had a weird issue with Facebook contacts syncing (I made a thread in the FAQ section about it) you can try that and see if it helps as well, if not you probably want to do a wipe because it sounds like something got corrupted.
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