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Thread: Gallery screwing up

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    Gallery screwing up

    my gallery thumbnails are screwing up, sometimes the thumbnail won't load, and then the thumbnail will be wrong, i'll click it and it won't be the right file, (Example...a video of me at a Vols game may be the thumbnail but when i click it'll play one of my movies, it happens with all my vids)... and some of my pic thumbnails won't load, every time i go into gallery its screwed up, i'm running jrummyremix v8 bluetheme on rooted 2.1droid but it was doing the same thing when i wasn't rooted, oh and when i watch a vid or look at a pic and back out they will be thumbnails thats from other albums, (ex i'll open my music videos album and watch a vid then when going back to the album they will be thumbnails of my pics and other vids not suppose to be in there
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    Bump, because i have same issue and im not rooted running 2.1update1.

    It shows thumbnails on my vids of videos i deleted a long time ago.rarely pics
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    Is your SD card getting close to the full point? Have you recently added a large amount of data to your SD card all at once? Either of these are more than likely your issue.
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    There seems to be a bug with the android gallery displaying the incorrect thumbnails. It may have to do with images being moved or deleted. I have had this occur a few times on my droid even with plenty of room on my sdcard (over 3gb available). What I did to fix it was to delete two folders on the sd card:
    Then I rebooted into recovery and cleared my cache partition (you can't do this if you aren't rooted but you should reboot after deleting those two folders regardless). Then turned the phone back on, opened the gallery and it started rebuilding all of my thumbnails. I hope this helps, it really sucks to have the gallery all screwed up. Hopefully google will release an actual fix for this problem one day since it has been around for months now.

    One possible cause I thought of for screwing up the thumbs might be if you open a hidden image with the gallery (i.e. use astro or some file manager to browse to a folder with a .nomedia file in it and then open one of the images in there and choose gallery). It might generate thumbnails for the pictures in the hidden folder that you opened and store them but when the gallery loads on its own it doesn't scan those files because of the .nomedia and hence incorrectly associates the thumbnails of these pictures with other files. It could be especially bad if photos you have purposely hidden show up as the thumbnails for your regular pics lol.
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    Mine has been doing this too. Please let me know if there is a solution.


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