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Thread: Help, main buttons on bottom not working....

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    Help, main buttons on bottom not working....

    Okay I did a quick search and did not see an answer so if this is a duplicate, I am sorry.

    I have a strange situation that I have never heard of before. My husband's droid is rooted and yesterday it started acting funny. By funny I mean, he would be reading a text or email and the whole thing would freeze up. We tried everything to bring it back to life but ended up doing a battery pull. Then he went to look in his gallery and same thing, it totally froze again and again I had to pull the battery. So today, I was going to put the updated ROM on his phone thinking that this may fix the problem. I went to ROM Mgr and was going to clear the downloads when I noticed that his bottom buttons (back, menu, home, search) would not work no vibrate nothing. Then I noticed that when I did hit one of the buttons it would grab whatever app it wanted on the screen and would open it. If it chose the market it would then try to download apps randomly.

    I have booted into recovery, wiped cache, wiped data and reinstalled the ROM (Redrum) and the google apps. Rebooted and the same thing is happening. I have tried this several times. I even tried to run the ROM without a theme and yet those bottom buttons will not respond.

    Any one have any suggestions or am I going to have to unroot and return for a refurb Droid???
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    I had make back button go out on the bottom and my screen starting acting funny (I would select one thing on my screen and it would light up and select something no where near where I was touching) also I wouldn't get some calls or I would get a call and the phone wouldn't let me answer the call (I would do the finger slide but the phone had ne reaction). I did not root my phone , my phone just started malfunctioning, had to get a new one from verizon (refurb of course) and within 2 weeks that one went out. Good news is this one (my third phone since Nov.) seems to be okay. I still wouldn't change to any other phone, love my droid!
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