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Thread: Network location force close loop

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    Network location force close loop

    This sucks!! When I go to turn my network location on, it starts a FC loop until I can turn it off fast enough. I had not noticed it happening before, could it be one of my apps asking for that permission.

    I am pretty sure that the last time that I turned it on was last week. I dont really remember ever turning it off though. Maybe when an app needed only gps or something, I am not sure. I have aspotcat and give a list of apps that were updated or installed recently with location permissions. Not sure how to get a list of just network location permissions without looking through them all.

    I am stock, I updated maps yesterday, and noticed today it says update one next to the 2.1. Was that because of maps or was that pushed through.
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    If your phone has never been rooted you can always call Verizon or bring it into a store. When they reproduce what you are seeing they will swap out your phone for another one. I had an issue where my phone just kept rebooting, prior to ever rooting and they swapped mine out. Try rebooting or doing a battery pull too, see if that makes a difference.

    You can try to uninstall recent apps. You also can try a factory reset to see if that helps. (settings/privacy/factory data reset)

    You pm'd me pointing out this thread and also asked about re-downloading system or hidden apps. The only apps you can re-download and uninstall, on a stock unrooted phone, are the ones you download from the market. The ones that come with your phone like networking, calendar, etc are stuck there.

    Sometimes the phones go on the fritz and just need to be replaced. If nothing else works, go that route. Good luck!

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