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Thread: Afraid the answer is no but I'll ask anyway!

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    Thumbs down Afraid the answer is no but I'll ask anyway!

    Like many, when I bought my Droid, the Verizon rep asked what Gmail account I wanted to use. I already had one and gave him the info and told him I wanted to use that one.

    I then, foolishly, walked away to look at other stuff in the store while he activated the phone.

    I didn't realize until I got home that he had gone ahead on his own and set up a NEW additional Gmail account using info from my existing VERIZON account (i.e my first name, last initial as a user name and a generic PW) and DID NOT use the info I gave him for my EXISTING Gmail account. I was very specific when I told him I DID NOT want another Gmail account, to use my existing one and he had the info to do so.

    (of course, now I'll have to figure out what PW he used and can only hope he knows it.) He didn't even tell me he'd done this, just let me walk out of the store after re-upping for another 2 years and spending $250.00)

    I want nothing to do with this new Gmail account as far as sending email.

    Of course now, all my contacts are assigned to this NEW Gmail account I did not want and do not want to use for email.

    I don't mind that it's there and associated with app downloads and stuff like that, I just don't want to be sending emails using a new email address to all the contacts who already are used to my "old" Gmail account.

    I know when I add NEW contacts, I can pick the Gmail account I want assigned to the new contact and how to display them in my contacts list but all my EXISTING contacts are now associated with this new one that I did not want in the first place.

    Please tell me I can "re-assign" my contacts to the account I had prior to this guy at Verizon setting up a new Gmail account without doing a factory reset!

    I have already set up my "old" Gmail account on the phone and it works just fine, I just want this one as the default.

    I know I can probably also select the account I want to use when sending email, but the new one is the default and it's going to be a pain to remember to pick the right one each time. I'd much rather have the Gmail account I WANT as the default, not the new one I didn't want....
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    I not sure that I follow the problem. You already have an existing gmail account? And that account has all of your info? It had this data before you got the phone?

    If that is the case then just go into settings and reset to factory defaults. When the phone restarts it will ask you to setup with gmail. Set the phone up this time with the correct account. So long as you don't have new data on your new gmail account you should be fine. If you do have new data then you can forward contacts and email to your old gmail account via phone and then nuke. If you bought apps then you have a problem and you'd need to contact google and tell them that you want to merge your two accounts.
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    Thanks for the info... I was trying to avoid a factory reset, as I posted, but that seems to be the only way I can resolve this.

    Part of my issue is the fact that the Verizon rep did exactly what I asked him NOT TO but it is also my stupidity that I didn't watch him while he activated the phone - I was too busy shopping for accessories for my toy Nor are his actions a Droid/Google issue.. just burns me that this happened.


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