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Thread: Not able to download apps in market.

  1. Droid
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    Not able to download apps in market.

    My situation is as follows. I headed to the market to try and download hi aim and when the download was finished the market.vending process force closed. so i try and try again to no avail and try downloading some other apps such as the discovery channel to test if i would have the same issue and surely enough i did. Im not sure if this is due to me having recently flashed a nandroid backup of mine (CyanogenMod to be specific.) But since i flashed my backup on clockwork mod things have been a little strange. Recently i got into my first Boot loop but was able to get out of it with a battery pull. But this whole issue with the market is really starting to get annoying. So i was wondering if anyone knows a solution to my problem or at least a diagnosis as to whats going on. I really appreciate the help you gives give on this forum and im sorry if i come off as a bit demanding since this is my first time asking for help on this forum.

    Edit: I flashed an older recovery of cyanogen and now the market is working again. I don't know what was causing the problem but apparently its been resolved.
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  2. Master Droid
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    This is happening to me with the newest Cyanogen. I can't update or download any apps from the market.
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    this is a problem with your email account. I have had this problem for about 5 days.

    I have done several factory resets, for the hell of it i used my wifes gmail account
    and it worked fine, i was able to download from the market.
    Factory reset again logged in with my own gmail, no download.

    I went from UD 10 back to stock 2.01 (no Downloading) and 2.1 (no downloading)

    Now I'm back to UD10 via SPRecovery Can't download but at least I have all my current Apps back.

    Another symptom in Google Talk won't log in.

    Apparently people have been having this problem since March '09
    Over 500 responses to this thread at the Android Market forum.

    Some people have received new phones, when they log into it, it won't download either.

    This is happening to many different Android phone models
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    Samsung Galaxy S III
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    Can't download any apps either.. since Thursday or Friday morning.
  5. Senior Droid
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    I'm gonna give that a try too.
  6. Senior Droid
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    Yea. I'm part of the (*^&($%^#(%&*#$ group that can't download. I'm considering figuring out this "root" thing so I can keep the programs I bought and hopefully backing up through astro will allow me to re-load my free apps. Then, I might have to create another account and try to sync that with my old account. Uggghhhh!


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process com.market.vending

why would i not be able to download apps?
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