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Thread: Flash 10.1 on Nexus one?

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    Flash 10.1 on Nexus one?

    i just picked up a nexus one today. I was just wondering if flash 10.1 already out? I went into my browser and and none of the websites that use flash work. Not even the adobe flash welcome test. I have seen many videos on youtube of people using flash with their nexus one running andriod 2.1 so im just wondering how can i get flash working on my device aswell? thanks
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    AFAIK there is currently no flash available on any android phone. Unsure if they is a third party app that people are using as i have not seen one of those either.

    Oh and welcome to the forums
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    Re: Flash 10.1 on Nexus one?

    there is no offical flash yet the beta is coming soon though

    htc sense phones have a lite version of flash but only the sense phones unsure if that works in the desire rom for droid

    and i do not think there is a sense rom for nexus one yet

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