Hello all. I've had an HTC Eris Droid since December. It's a 1.5 version. My questions are as follows (I did search to try to find answers before posting here):

1. Where is the equals sign? I have only a virtual keypad and I can't find the "=" (I'm typing from my laptop now) I can't believe there wouldn't be one SOMEwhere but I've spent 4 months trying to find it ....

2.. Can I upgrade from 1.5 to 2.0 or 2.1 without getting a new phone? Is there a reason I would want to upgrade? Would Flash actually work if I upgraded?

3. Is there a good browser for the Droid? I've tried the one that comes with it, the Dolphin browser (don't like 'gestures'), Steel (ick -- could not figure out the most basic things, like how to search), and now I'm using xScope, which is the best I've been able to find. I use Firefox on my laptop. Have heard something about Skyfire ... what's that? Is Chrome available? (Market has only faux-chrome, it seems.)

4. Just curious: What is rooting? I saw it mentioned in a welcome post and have no idea what it refers to.

Thanks for any and all help.