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Thread: Interesting issues

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    Interesting issues

    So, I'm a newbie to the droid scene and my phone is not rooted. I've only had it for about two weeks now and hadnt really had any issues with it that i didn't have to adapt to myself. Such as speaking into the mic/reciever ending thingy so people can hear me when i talk to them. (i switched from a flip phone so had to make an adjustment).
    Anyways, i couldnt have been talking on the phone for more than 30 minutes when suddenly i could no longer hear the other person. Not so much that the call had been dropped but it was like they were suddenly whispering to me.

    I knew the issue wasn't on his end because i had phone issues before but with my old one. (he got his new phone a few months ago). I have only noticed it with this one person and its the only long distance phone call i ever make. What im not sure is if its a service issue or a phone issue. I switched to verizon to have better service...the previous provider.....lets just say if i rolled over in bed i'd lose my signal or if i sneezed the wrong way in my garage.

    I have about 3 weeks left til i can trade in the phone to get a new one, if the phone is indeed the issue. I saw somewhere on here that there had been a bad batch of droids that had a few minor issues. This issue isnt THAT big of a deal because of i go to speaker phone, turn it on and turn that off, then i can hear him fine again.

    The second droid i have is my mothers and hers is just laggy, sometimes the touch screen doesnt respond when she gets a phone call so she ends up missing the call because she cant get the slider to move and has to call the person back. (I've played with her phone and witnessed it as well and its giving me problems too -_-) im not sure what her model/year number is though, but is this a software issue or phone issue?
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    Any help with this??



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