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Thread: My Droid is haunted

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    Question My Droid is haunted

    I got my Droid in November and up until recently it has been real good. But 2 or three days ago it started acting real buggy. Just a few days after I did the force update.
    The sound wouldn't play on a YouTube video or an mp3 it just sounded like pops an clicks until I restarted the phone. The notification bar just showed weird lines until I closed and opened the shutter and then it was normal. Extremely low wifi signal not far from router where I have always had full strength. Low cell bars. Widgets like the clock and weather bug freezing.the sound in the earpiece not working for some calls but working if I hangup and redial. And the app killer always shows 12 to 14 apps going even if I haven't used the Droid and just killed all apps a minute ago.
    These are all new issues that I did not have with 2.0.1 (not saying it is the 2.1 but just giving background)
    I got the update zip from this forum within an hour after it was posted. I did a factory reset before doing the update. I used astro to rename and move the file instead of my pc. Never been rooted. I download apps all the time and have uninstalled a lot to. Is anyone having similar issues or figured out how to resolve them? And does anything in my behavior sound like it may be causing any of these bugs. One more thing I saw an antivirus program in the market place is this something android users should have? Please don't tell me Droid does need a condom.
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    Haven't seen any of these issues before but admittedly I haven't used a stock ROM for months. You're best off backing everything up with Titanium (or something similar) and then doing a few factory resets/wipes. Then look around and find the latest 'clean' update version (I would say this one if you're not wanting a custom ROM). After the ROM is flashed SLOWLY add back programs and settings one at a time. The few issues I've seen with the new 2.1 release have seemed to be app conflicts.

    And NO you don't need an anti-virus program.
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    I know the Appkiller gives people some problems. Do what warrior said, and slowly add back app's. Sometimes some apps dont like to work with new rom's or simlar thing's like that. A new rom should do the trick though. Good luck!
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    My first suggestion would be to get rid of the AppKiller. They almost always cause more problems than they solve and they are completely unnecessary. For those occasions when you do need to kill a rogue app you can use the one built into phone (on the settings page). And don't install an anti-virus, on Android they're a scam as there's nothing out there for them to protect against. They just consume resources.


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