So I went to the Zoo the other day, and took a ton of pictures with my phone, because my camera wasn't working. It worked fine all day till it ran out of battery and died. When I got home, I plugged my phone in and it said there was no SD card. So I tried taking it out and putting it back in till it finally worked. Then, just yesterday, I noticed that the 'Gallery' app icon was now just a blank one that looks kinda like the droid market icon, and I clicked on it and it said 'you don't have this app installed' which I obviously THEN I accidently leave my phone in the car over night and ALL my text messages have been deleted. (this may have happened before, because I pic texted a friend earlier and wondered why the rest of the 200 some texts we've shared since I got my phone were not showing up like normal) Anyway to fix this all? are my texts gone for good? Luckily my camera is hooked into my photobucket account so all photos immediately go there...what is going on with my phone though???