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Thread: Please help: Left side of touch screen not working

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    Please help: Left side of touch screen not working

    Well I woke up this morning finding for some reason my BACK button does not operate. It lights up, but when pushed, it does nothing. Also I noticed that on the same "left" side as the back button, the touch screen will not operate! All other areas on the touch screen operate, but only on left side and back button don't operate. I tried reflashing and rebooting and pulled battery, but nothing helps. Any Help I would appreciate!

    I was running Ultimate Droid V8 when this happened. Also running a program to turn off the bottom LEDS, cant think of that program name.

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    Hi Art - the exact same thing happened to me a back around February or so - ended up having Verizon send me a replacement. Also, I'll bet you'll find if you turn the phone sideways to Landscape mode, and bring up the keyboard, any time you press any key on the bottom row (space or whatever), you'll get the key above it in the text box.

    However, just today I've noticed that the exact same thing is now happening on the replacement Droid, but now it's on the RIGHT side of the screen. I first noticed it because in Landscape mode, I couldn't swipe down the notification bar. Then, I noticed in Portrait mode, that any time I pressed any of the far right keys, I got the key immediately to its left. It's almost like the screen's calibration gets thrown off somehow.

    I talked to Verizon for a while when it happened the first time, but never tried to call Motorola about it.
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    Just wanted to bump this thread rather than creating a new one and say that the same thing just happened to me yesterday. It seems like the left side (when keyboard is put away and held straight up) is bad. Its the "bottom" of the screen when I'm holding it sideways and with the keyboard out and typing on the QWERTY.

    I baby this phone. I truly do. Its my dang life. I have no idea how it could have gotten scratched enough to die on me. Is this a faulty touch screen design? Just curious as to how many others experience this.... especially since Wolfy says it happened to him with two different phones.

    Mine has the tiniest of tiny scratches on it in the middle. Just my judgment by looking at it and being a tech savvy geek myself, it wouldn't seem like this little scratch should break it, but who knows I guess. These things can be finicky I assume?

    Does anyone have an idea as far as buying some sort of solution that fixes scratches? Anyone wanna invent it if it doesn't exist? lol

    In all seriousness, anyone's advice or .02 on this would help me as none of my buddies are geeks like me and I dunno who else to talk to about my Droid issues.

    Here is a link to another thread where I was looking for an APP to help me test my screen:
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    I had the same problem on a rooted D1 on Pete's BB v0.4. My problem consisted of the phone having a mind of it's own, making phone calls when I unlocked it, the on screen keyboard would type things by itself, it would select apps by itself, and the list goes on.

    This is after Clockwork blocked the OTA for 2.2 so it had nothing to do with the OTA for me. I have been running the same ROM for the past 2 months with no problems.

    I installed a few different backups to no avail. I have just unrooted to 2.0.1 and will be updating to 2.2 shortly to see if the problem persists.

    In the meantime, VZW is overnighting me a new D1 and it should be here tomorrow. It will be rooted shortly after arival because I love me some rooted goodness!
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    Bought my Droid the first day it was out and have never needed a replacement. Sadly I am having the same issue except mine was the home button and anywhere on the touchscreen in the third row. I pulled it out yesterday and my phone was going crazy doing stuff on its own. I un-rooted and now have 2.2 on it. Verizon is mailing me another one. It served me well and will always hold a special place with me. If there is fix or workaround would love to hear it.
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    Temporary Solution

    Same problem here! Temporary solution: Download "Button Savior" from the Android Market and you can at least have a permanent on screen back button, or whatever you need.


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