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Thread: Sending blank text messages?

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    Wow, I'm impressed that you narrowed it down to don't. I will certainly give it a try!
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    I just upgraded from the original Droid to a Droid X today, and keep having the same exact thing happening. And I seem to have narrowed it down to don't too. The apostrophe is slightly more angled in the word, and having it added in takes up a message down by something like 50-60 characters - i can type "don't", and the message jumps from 110 characters available down to 60-ish, so I'm guessing it's doing something to the character set.

    As a web designer, I've had the exact same problem pop up before when we received some text written by a contributor in the UK - his apostrophes were different than ours, and it caused the text encoding to mess up on the web page. I'm betting this is a similar case where the character set gets changed to something else, and the recipient phones obviously don't know what to do with it.

    I'm hoping there's a way to edit the word in the dictionary so it uses a regular apostrophe instead.
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    I never have the problem when I send texts to another Droid. I will try eliminating the "don't" and see if it solves the problem.
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    Check to make sure character compatibility is checked. If you send an incompatible character it will blank out the text

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    I am trying to find handcent for the xoom but i can not find it on the market app on the xoom i really need to find it
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