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Thread: ROM update/release forum

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    ROM update/release forum

    I like to monitor ROM updates and releases, but it seems kind of tiresome to go into multiple forums and multiple subforums just to look at what each author has just released.

    What I propose is a forum-agnostic (as in, releases can come from other places like alldroid.org) subforum that is solely dedicated to updates and releases. To keep it clean, replies should be not allowed so that any minor updates to that specific topic, say if a bug was fixed and didn't merit a new release version, could be posted. Rather, it would link to the original topic from say the author's subforum that does allow comments, and or link to a fresh topic for discussion.

    It would essentially amount to a feed that people would visit to catch up on new releases and updates of the moment in an organized and easy manner.
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    That's an excellent idea. Sure beats the dialy feeds I sift through on what's new.
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    We now have this..

    Android Roms - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

    Are you talking like a rss feed?
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