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Thread: Droid [1] resets various system settings on reboot

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    Droid [1] resets various system settings on reboot

    Greetings all:

    I have searched this from time to time over the last several years, but I've never found a match.

    Make/Model: Motorola Droid (the first one)
    Event: phone reboots
    Issue: All volume controls, screen brightness, and screen timeout (others?) all revert to specific values regardless of what I had them set to before. The values are phone volume max, media volume [don't remember], alarm volume 50%, screen brightness manual 50%, screen time-out 30s. Moreover, right when the phone boots up, if I go into the phone system settings, they are still at the values I set them to prior to reboot -- i.e.: it isn't that the values were lost on reboot, it is that something loads after boot and changes the settings to some stored "profile" of what they ought to be.

    It didn't do this several years ago. It may have been a software update, or more likely an app I installed. Is there any way to determine where this non-desired behavior is coming from?

    In any case, many thanks for looking at this problem, and I appreciate any pointers toward fixing this software issue.

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    Try rebooting it in safe mode. If it doesn't happen here, then it is an app you installed, or got "pushed" via another app.

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