Hey my DF saviours~

I have a silly question... I understand that I can modify the options for the Lock Screen under settings / Lock Screen, but what I can't seem to find is where do I set the theme for the lock screen? I seem to home one set, but I hate it and I seem to notice that there is another one under the one that gets shown because when my phone lags turning on the lock screen there is a completely different one that sort of matches my wallpaper. Since my wall paper I believe is part of a theme, I think the theme may have a different lock screen with it other then the one that is currently being used, but for the life of me I can not figure out how I check what lock screen theme is running. Logically one would think that you would find this under settings/lock screen but I guess that is just asking for too much common sense.. Can someone please help my Droid illiteracy??