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Thread: Droid Razr wont charge

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    droid razr

    Droid Razr wont charge

    so about a week ago my droid razr stopped charging completely. no white light or sign of life at all. i got it to turn on once but after a few seconds the screen began to flicker and it turned off again. so after seeing online that all signs pointed to a battery issue i ordered a new droid razr Maxx battery from amazon and put it in my phone. i let it fully discharge and now it wont charge again. no white light, nothing! wall outlet, car charger, usb. nothing is working. ive had the phone for over a year now so verizon wont replace it. what should i do! o, and i tried a soft reset didnt work either.
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    sounds like a battery issue from you fully discharging it, i could be wrong.
    im sure FoxKat will be along and explain how to put jumper cables on its private parts and get it breathing again
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    Quote Originally Posted by bweN diorD View Post
    sounds like a battery issue from you fully discharging it, i could be wrong.
    im sure FoxKat will be along and explain how to put jumper cables on its private parts and get it breathing again
    Roflol.. Yeah, jumper cables on it's private parts. The issue is almost surely not the battery, and replacing the battery resulted in the same symptoms, so that's pretty conclusive.

    Search for "Motorola factory programming cable". Thus cable supplies power directly to the phone bypassing the charging circuit. It well bot the phone and also supplies power directly to the battery.

    The problem results from normal use where charge and discharge cycles don't follow normal routines where you charge to 100% and discharge to 10% in direct succession. The meter begins to diverge from the battery and the battery levels displayed are not the actual battery levels. This leads to deep-discharging and results in the phone no longer responding to the charger our booting.

    You will need to boost charge the battery with the factory cable or as bweN diorD said, jump the battery. it can also be done by stripping the wires on a USB cable and direct connecting the leads to the battery, but in both cases only do so for 30 minute periods each time, and trying the normal charging process after each boost charge to see if the normal charging process will resume. You Erin the risk of over-charging the battery and causing a fire if you leave it connected in the boost method too long.

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