Hello, all.
I am using a non-rooted, Verizon Droid Pro. As of this morning, I get the oft-posted-about
"Sorry! You suck and The application Contacts Storage (process com.motorola.contacts) has stopped unexpectedly. Please beat your head against a wall. {Force Close}"
error message.
I have been reading forums all morning trying to figure this out, because I'm a total noob at these phones. As far as I can see, almost all the other cases of this have to do with people A)rooting their phones, B)Freezing apps like Yahoo, C)Removing Verizon's "bloatware", and D) Something to do with some Google+ app.
I have done none of these, and the only software change since my contacts list last functioned correctly was an automatic update to the Hotmail app. The reason I have not rooted the phone was for fear of messing something up like this.
That said, I need instruction on how to repair the contacts application, because I rely on it heavily. Without that, the phone is essentially "bricked".

I thank anyone willing to offer their time and expertise.