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Thread: USB tether works. Hotspot does NOT. 2 issues...

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    USB tether works. Hotspot does NOT. 2 issues...

    I've seen this issue posted on various forums with similar problems, but have yet to find a definitive answer. Thanks in advance if you can solve it...

    Device: unrooted Razr HD (and also my wife's unrooted Razr M).

    Issue 1: Hotspot initially recognized phone, but would not connect my Windows 7 PC via hotspot.
    Issue 2: Windows 7 PC now no longer even recognizes the phone.

    Here's what works:
    Yes, I can tether via USB to PC and get internet access.
    Hotspot works with Razr HD when connecting to other devices (my work PC and my tablet).
    Hotspot works when connecting my old phone (Palm Pre) to my Windows 7 PC.

    Here's what doesn't work:
    Hotspot with Razr HD (and wife’s Razr M) with my Window 7 PC.

    Here's what I've tried:
    Setting to Open network and/or making sure passwords on WPA2 match.
    Tried IPreconfig, releasing/refreshing, etc.
    Tried manually adding phone to PC.
    Restored PC back to a day before phone purchase date.
    Downloaded drivers, played with settings, stomped feet, held breath and screamed.

    Nothing, nothing and nothing.

    How can I get PC to recognize phone?
    Then, how can I get hotspot to work?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    3rd party adapter option works...

    As additional info, here's another option that I found that works...

    My old PC did not have built-in wireless, so I had previously purchased a wireless USB adapter from Walmart (Linksys AE1000).

    Even though my newer Windows 7 PC has it's own wireless card built-in, I attached/set-up the Linksys USB adapter.

    Now, my new Windows 7 PC recognizes my phone and connects via hotspot.

    So... my guess is there's something about Windows 7 and/or the wireless card settings that doesn't like the newer Droid phones.

    At least we have options (USB tether and 3rd party wireless adapters) until someone can figure out the problem.



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