My friend's LG Optimus 3D was smashed (screen cracked and touch digitizer entirely gone). He was due for a new phone in a month so he just decided to you his old one for the time being. He gave it to me seeing how it didn't make sense just to throw it away. The first day it still lit up where the bottom 4 keys would be and we assume started up and the we opened it looked around, realized the inside was fine and closed it up only to find that it doesn't seem to light up/start up anymore (though everything was connected properly. The only possible thing we did was there was what resembled a gold jumper on the mother board that we pushed together but then it went back). This wouldn't be a problem until we realized we really wanted some files saved to the internal memory. We tried connecting it to a computer and it just makes the connect and disconnect sounds every few seconds and never shows up as being connected. Anyone able to help with this or did we lose the data for good?