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Thread: HTC Incredible will not turn on or charge. Nothing works.

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    Angry HTC Incredible will not turn on or charge. Nothing works.

    Hi, this is long and I'm sorry, but I want to know if anyone has a clue as to what's going on. I have never had this kind of problem, ever.

    I have an almost 2 yr old HTC Incredible Droid, I think it was the first to come out. This is my 3rd replacement in the past year and I'm so ticked because I will not be able to get another replacement without paying a deductible Has anyone noticed that right about the time that you're eligible for an upgrade or your contract with Verizon is almost up that your phone goes bonkers? It happened with my first "smartphone", a Blackberry Storm, my husband had the same problems...Seems a bit sketchy to me. Anyway...

    I bought the phone brand new in January 2011 and it worked fine until Feb 2012. That's when I noticed that my battery was draining quickly, the phone was literally hot to the touch and I once fully charged, it was almost dead within a few hours. Even if I didn't use it. I began putting it into "airplane mode" when I wasn't using it to help save the battery. It gave me a few extra hours. I barely have any apps, don't really play games or stream video very often-Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds were the only games that I had installed and I didn't play very often. So I don't get it. I loved the phone and was excited of all it's capabilities.

    In Feb 2012, my "location" was showing London (I live in the US) and my web browser was defaulted to .UK sites. The stock weather app was in Celsius I took it into the store and they had no idea. I thought that maybe I had been hacked but they said it was probably a "glitch". The only new app that I had at that time was Ghost Commander, so it didn't feel right. Verizon sent me a replacement, no problem.

    Just to be on the safe side, I created a new Google account when activating the account and avoided using apps that weren't well known and "safe". I do not use the phone for anything other than phone calls, email, texting, occasional internet and sometimes Google Navigator. When I'm not expecting to use it, I usually turn it off and I never let the battery drain to 0%. This was the second phone.

    In March, I was talking to a friend on the phone and call quality became so bad that she just hung up. When I looked at the phone, the "phone" app was frozen. I flipped it over and removed the battery- when I did that, a screw fell out of the handset I replaced the battery and charged the phone while off. When it was fully charged, I turned it back on and it looked like it did a factory reset. I was pissed, so I went straight to Verizon- while I was there, the battery started to drain and it was hot again. In the hour that I had taken it off the charger and was standing in front of the customer service reps, it had drained down to 10%. I hadn't even activated it after the factory reset. Hmmm. So, I got another replacement. They said it was probably a software issue. Ok, whatever.

    New phone arrived and wouldn't even turn on. I took it back and was ordered yet another replacement. !!!

    Finally the 3rd replacement phone seemed to work. They even sent me an extended battery for it as well. It worked fine with no problems until about a week ago. I noticed that it was getting hot even when "off", so pulled the battery, powered it up and plugged it into the charger. For the past week, I've had it power off and restart for no apparent reason. For example, I will open up the web browser, begin to type whatever I was looking for and the screen would just go blank (black). I would hit the power button and it would turn back ON! I went online to see if the insurance will cover ANOTHER phone and it looks like I have to pay something like $500 deductible because I've had so many replacements within a year. Hmmm. Not worth it

    Last night, I was looking something up and the phone just died. The battery was low, I got the 10% warning when I woke it up to do my Googling. So, I took it in to charge it. The light won't even come on. I tried the USB on my computer, nothing. Not even the white light I've seen others mention. I tried the various methods mentioned throughout the internet (PWR+VOL, etc..) and nothing happens. NOTHING.

    Needless to say, I'm so frustrated. I do not want to continue my contract with Verizon. I've been with them for 10+ years and never had a problem, but this is just ridiculous. Not to turn this into a bashing sesh, but when I had the problems with my first replacement the store CS rep actually said that the software issues were probably due to the fact that I was "late" on paying my bill. I was, in fact, 3 days past my due date but was so peeved at the time that I was not even interested in paying anything until they gave me a phone that didn't seem to have a mind of it's own.

    I have to have a phone, I have a child with a chronic, life-threatening medical condition and I want to be able to use this phone again! I also feel totally screwed, because I shouldn't have to pay what I pay to have this phone and plan and not use it. Yes, I am buying a cheap-o prepaid phone today, but I want to be able to access my info that's on this phone. I also noticed that my backup app from Verizon has not been backing up on schedule. Last night, before it died, I noticed that it hadn't been backed up for over a week. What should I do!!?? Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen??
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    Wow, what a mess!

    These are 'older' phones now (mine is an HTC Droid Incredible too) and you're right, they no longer are reliable phones. Still, any replacement you receive should be functional. Two things: 1) Are you using an older charger that was not made specifically for this phone? That can cause over heating and with that, failure. 2) Always write down the rep's name, date and time when you call tech support. Whoever told you your software problems could be caused by a 3 day overdue payment should be reported - unless your bill is beyond the grace period and your service has been disconnected.

    You may get somewhere by calling tech support and if the rep you speak with cannot give you a successful fix, ask him/her to escalate the problem to level 2 rep (or a supervisor). Be factual, fair and firm. Keeping calm but steadfast will get you best results. Don't give up - call - as many times as necessary - until they get it fixed for you! Don't give them the power to blow you off by frustrating you. Be the strong one and insist on a fix. Hang in there! Also, if the replacement phones you received were defective (software or hardware) then stick to your guns that they not be counted as replacements for lost or damaged phones.

    Another $50 for a replacement is not a good option - especially as there are 'newer' phones, like the original Razr, that you can now get on discount for less than $50. Check everywhere from Walmart, to Best Buy to COSTCO and in between and you'll find a better deal for $50 than a replacement of a D2.

    Best of luck to you!!!
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    So, about a day after my original post, I picked up the phone and was complaining to my husband about it. I held the power button down and it magically turned on. Hmmm. Not sure why, but it did. I only use the stock chargers that came with our phones so im not sure why I had such a problem. I understand what you're talking about in that sense. I ruined my daughter's Nook Color by using the wrong charger. Since my phone has been back on, it was constantly trying to "sync" something and my battery would drain. I couldn't figure out what it was trying to sync and I began getting pop up error messages about various apps that weren't responding. Today, I wiped the phone and reset it.

    I guess my biggest gripe is that there is no reason for this. I don't abuse the phone and even though its probably a dinosaur, it suits my needs just fine. Well, except for the not working part, lol.

    The customer service guy who insisted that my software issues were due to a late payment was reported. I've never been a late payer and this time it was due to all of the problems I was having. Yes, he was ridiculous. I've never had service interrupted, ever.

    I did have a lot of positive experience with some of the techs, they just had no clue. Every time I spoke to one the next would tell me something completely opposite. Very frustrating. My contract is up for renewal in a few months and I don't want to feel so helpless when no one can help with software issues. I will definitely be looking for a new type of service and phone. Bummer.


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