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Thread: new phone detecting a press when charging..

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    new phone detecting a press when charging..

    Just got my new galaxy nexus !

    went to charge it and couldn't help turning it on to set up facial recognition.

    When I turn it on only when it is charging there seems to be some kind of bug.

    I found that i could not scroll and that when i would try scroll it detects a press.

    the phone started detecting presses even though i was not pressing any thing.

    Some how it opened my key pad.

    I noticed that keys on the right were lighting up as if it was being pressed.
    I think it was the back space key that the phone was detecting a press when i wasnt even touching the phone.

    Is this normal ? should i return it ?
    I didnt buy the phone from a reputable shop. it was a place that moves products fast.

    any one have this issue?

    i hardly installed any apps. its pretty much stock the guy at the shop unlocked it for me.


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