I purchased a Moto Droid Razr last December when it first came out and loved it, particularly the fast internet connection. I had absolutely no problems streaming live videos, sports ect. with min to no issues. Last week i dropped my droid and the LCD cracked. Thanks to insurance I was able to get a new one without any issues. When I started it up I noticed some slight difference and thought it might be a gen 2 OS that there was no update for on the original Droid Razr. However, this newe phone does not operate even close to the same speed as the orginal one. The internet is painfully slow and sometimes does not even load the pages even when I close the browser and start the browser over. I can not longer stream video. I did not install many apps, in fact I have the same apps as the old phone. I also cleared the chache. Any suggestions to help improve my internet speed? I want to be able to stream videos again. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.