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Thread: Several questions

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    Several questions

    I am new to the forum and I am sure at least some of this has been covered. However, I have several questions. This also might be the wrong spot to ask my questions, so if I need to ask elsewhere, feel free to let me know.

    1) I took a video with my Droid the other day, but it says I can't send it because the file size is too big. How do I avoid that issue in the future?

    2) On occasion, after I complete a call, the call screen will not reappear. Sometimes the phone locks up and I have to take out the battery or all I have is a black screen. Sometimes, I have to slide it open to get to the call screen and other times, I can hit the end call button and nothing happens but when the screen comes back on it is just back to the screen you get after waking up the phone. Is this normal behavior? If not, how do I stop it?

    3) Can you create your own folders in the gallery? If so, how? I am asking because I would like to categorize the folders, i.e. family, business, etc. Also, can you "lock" the folders so that one has to use a password or 4-digit number to get in to the folder? If so, how do you do that?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

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    1) Not sure about that one....may just have to deal with it
    2) This is an issue I have seen many people have....although not myself....so I'm sure there is a solution around the forum somewhere, you just have to search...also try uninstalling any task killers you may have
    3)Yes you can make folders on the sdcard, thats where your apps save pics already....get an app called Astro File Manager.....but no you can't lock a specific folder or any folder for that matter

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    1 - Either record shorter videos or change (lower) the properties of the recorder:
    Higher Quality Video Recording | Root Your Droid
    2 - d/l Not Call app from the market. This will return the device to the home screen instead of attempting to return to the call log (which should bypass the issue)
    3 - Either mount your Droid to a computer d/l Astro (or any file manager) from the market and create a 'pics' or 'image' folder on your SD card and just put your sub-folders in there.
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    For your first question, there are 2 settings you need to change and you'll be all set. Bring up the video recorder, hit the menu button, settings, then 1. video quality > Low (for MMS messages) and 2. video duration > 30 seconds (for MMS).


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