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Thread: Is my droid malfunctional? - touchscreen sensitivity

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    Is my droid malfunctional? - touchscreen sensitivity

    I've had a droid for about a week.5 now and got here after several years with Palm based treos. This droid does not strike me as being defective. Instead it seems like design issues. I thought for sure that some folks would have similar issues to mine but after quite a few hours on this forum I've only come across one thread that even got close to addressing my issue.

    My problem is that the touchscreen seems to have minimal resolution combined with high sensitivity. I find that I can't place a curser very accurately and I often bump "buttons" accidentally. I heard good things about the touchscreen keyboard but I've found that unless I type very carefully and slowly, I can't get any kind of accuracy. Trying to type while walking or riding is a car is a bit of a fail. My experience having used a Treo700P for over 3 years is that I can do just about all the touchscreen functions with my thumb. I only use the treo stylus to play mine sweep. But with this droid, I have trouble selecting links on webpages and placing cursors in particular. The other problem is the back button and search buttons are pretty easy to touch accidentally and because of some crappy software designs, it's pretty frustrating. Anyone try to add an email address and get through all the pages only to bump the back button and have to start over? I've found several places where the back button jumps too far back and there's no "forward" button to get you back to where you wanted to be.

    As I contemplate returning this A855 I find myself wishing for the same unit but with some slight hardware changes (as well as all the software changes everyone is wishing for). The big thing would be 4 hardware buttons instead of the touch buttons at the bottom of the screen. I imagine recessed "dimpled" buttons like the single button on the iphone. The kind of thing that only gets pushed when you intend to.

    So, am I having some unusual issues or is this common on this device?
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    mine seems to be literaly pinpoint accurate. i can hit the page buttons on the forum consistently with a small amount of zoom

    It is very sensitive though. i consider that a +
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    I suggest you try the Blackberry Storm 2 for about a week. Then come back to us and tell us what you think about the Droid.

    OK, seriously it may not be for you. Not everyone loves the Droid, dare I say I've even seen people come back from the Droid to the afore mentioned BB Storm 2.

    If it doesn't float your boat then it's just not right for you. And that may be the case here.
    Please be respectful. Respect is #1 here at DF Please read our Guidelines of Conduct
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    Jitter bug is your option here :P..jk.
    using the droid while driving is NOT safe IMO.
    have you tried to use the keyboard? you also have the "speech to text" option.
    I have real fat finger and i don't have the issue your a describing.
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    I'm with you on the search button. Just holding the phone, my palm seems to hit the search button and all of a sudden its asking how I want to search, etc. Its driving me crazy. I want to disable the darn thing. Any idea if thats possible?
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    I have posted on other threads that my screen is super sensitive. I have yet to tame the beast. 80% of the time, it ignores my selection and jumps elsewhere. I have to re-do quite a few times just to get it to behave. The only way to keep from driving myself crazy is to use the physical keyboard and go slow.


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