I'll try to include all pertinent information here, while keeping straightforward and to the point.

I have a Droid RAZR that I recently damaged the battery flex cable while replacing the loudspeaker. I did some research and discovered that a MAXX battery, housing, and backplate will effectively convert a regular RAZR to a RAZR MAXX. Well, I got the battery yesterday, put the phone back together and everything works fine. I then tried to do the OTA update 6.16.211.en.us and it downloaded correctly wth no issues. However, when I tried to install the update, the phone powered off, powered back on, and began installing the update fine until it reached approx. the halfway point. Then the box icon switched to an exclamation point, and the phone proceeded to power on. Once it was up and running, it said that there was an error installing the update.

Here are the steps I have taken to try to troubleshoot:

Factory reset
Flashing several ICS leaks via fastboot
Simply powering off once the error message occurred and then power back on

I would really like to reap the benefits of this new software and thanks in advance to anyone who can help.