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View Poll Results: Should Droid have a text file share limit?

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Thread: Message Size Limit Reached. Sorry, you cannot add this video to your message.

  1. Droid Newbie
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    Feb 2012

    Angry Message Size Limit Reached. Sorry, you cannot add this video to your message.

    Message Size Limit Reached. Sorry, you cannot add this video to your message.

    When i send try to attach and audio file, i get the message above. Whats funny about that . Its not a video and it keeps telling me it cannot send a video . wtf?

    When did this start? Why have they governed our file sharing through text messages?

    Is it our phone provider, or is it the droid operating system itself stopping us from sharing music and video files.? I use Boostmobile.

    My first droid was a samsung galaxy prevail from the boostmobile website. I was able to send/share/attach audio music and video files all the time.

    There was never a limit set on the phone. Now i've upgraded phones. Bought it at the boostmobile store. Samsung Transform Ultra.

    The phone is great but it lacks one major thing. A Task Manager. Like how can you have an android operating system without a task manager?

    I think android is moving a little to fast for their own good.

    And, not only is the file share limit happening with me . it is also happening with my friends at&t droid. and millions more who have wrote forums online.

    So, i'm assuming it has to do with the droid operating system itself. the new updates?

    Whats really funny though. Droid has prevented us from sending video and audio files, while other phones still can send full length audio files.

    Like right now my friend has this cheap throw away phone , and she can send as many audio files she wants via text. My other friend has a very cheap phone as well. and he has sent me songs.

    It's sad to see that technology can help you and limit you at the same time. For Christ sake , you all made a computer. where you can store data. why on earth are you limiting our file share?.......

    Android is a big flash/thumb drive. Now we cant send audio and video files via text. we cant even send audio and video files through android. wtf is really going on ????????????

    Guess ill buy me a cheap phone. Maybe go to iphone.

    Why would Droid limit us? Let our phone service provider limit us.

    Cheap Phones Rock!

    Handcent and Go sms cannot send video and audio files thorugh text either. I have no clue whats really going on.
    Last edited by RockItRighT; 02-25-2012 at 02:04 PM.
  2. Droid Newbie
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    Droid 4

    this should be obvious

    there is a strict data limit to what you can send in a message, this has always existed.

    the phones dont particularly care what the file format is, and on some level i think they just convert audio to video just without any visual data(dont quote me on that). basically the reason for the data limit in a message is they dont want people sending each other songs and stuff through text messages so they intentionally make the file size smaller than any song would ever be. your audio clip is probably just too long/too much data.

    this is nothing new at all and has existed since the first phones that were capable of storing songs/videos/ect. my recommendation would be to try emailing it(gmail allows a decent amount of data to be sent) because i doubt there will be any apps that let you do a lager scale data transfer without rooting the phone.


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