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Thread: Droid Razr not charging?

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    Droid Razr not charging?

    Well, not all of the title is true. It will only charge when I put it into sleep mode, in which it goes into battery charging mode. However, whenever I charge it and try to use it at the same time, it doesn't increase the percentage at all. In fact, the charge % increases in 10 percent intervals. I have had the phone on the charger for the last 3 hours and until I went into the sleep mode, it didn't charge it at all. Is this normal for the new Razrs?

    FYI, it is a black 16GB model and is not the MAXX.
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    From your other post...

    Quote Originally Posted by majp89 View Post
    Whenever I use the Razr and use it normally while on the charger, it doesn't charge. Every single phone I have had in the past I could use it and watch it charge as I use it. It will only charge while it is in sleep mode. And when it charges, it doesn't go at 1 percent at a time; it goes in 10 percent intervals. I had it on the charger not in sleep mode for almost an hour and a half and it didn't gain one percent. Please help!!
    RAZRs only display battery levels in 10% increments by design. There are apps you can get which will allow you to see the level in 1% increments. Try Bada$$ Battery Monitor. It not only gives you the 1% increments but also shows detailed information about battery usage.

    I have used my RAZR while charging almost every night and although it doesn't charge quickly it does charge. The only thing that I do that may be different from your own experience is that I am on WiFi while charging which uses less battery power than either 3G or 4G.

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    I've noticed that my RAZR may not charge when plugged into computer, or car charger, laptop or anything that is not the wall charger. I assume it doesn't get enough charge for it to go as fast as a wall charger. I do notice it takes FOREVER for the charge to get up past 20% but then almost no time at all to get to full battery. Very odd
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    Something u guys may try is turning the phone off when u charge it. I charge mine overnight and I was getting terrible battery life... turned the phone off 2 nights ago to charge and now my phone is a rock star again....

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