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Thread: Texts won't send. I receive texts multiple times. Keyboard won't work.

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    Texts won't send. I receive texts multiple times. Keyboard won't work.

    Those three problems have been plaguing me for months. It's gotten worse and worse to the point where I can't stand it any longer.

    My phone is the Droid X.

    Here's what's been happening:

    1. The main thing is that my texts won't send anymore when I turn my screen off or even exit out of the text message window. I have to keep my phone on and on that screen for at least 5 minutes until it finally sends. Before this, I could just text, send it, turn my screen off, and put it in my pocket and not worry about it sending. With my job and my life, I can't be doing this. I need a fix for this if possible.

    2. This problem isn't as big as the other two but someone will send me one text and I will receive 2-6 times. I'll either receive all of them at once, or I will receive one text, and then 5 minutes later get it again, and then again 5 more minutes, and so on and so on. Now this can get very annoying when I am quickly texting and I keep getting texts like 15 times. I need a fix for this as well if possible.

    3. One of the most annoying things about all this is my keyboard is not typing. I'll click on the "insert message here" box and start typing but the letters won't appear. The word suggestions will appear and whatnot acting like I am typing but it won't. My only temporary solution to this is exiting out and going back into the text but it doesn't seem to actually work as I am finding myself sitting there for about 10 minutes exiting and entering back into the texts over and over.

    This all started a little while back when Android updated their software. These problems weren't as prevalent but over time they've gotten worse and worse. I went to the Verizon store and their only solution was to do a factory reset. I really don't want to do that if I don't have to so you guys are my last shot before I'm force to do it. Any and all possible solutions to any of these problems are welcome. I will try anything at this point.
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    Exclamation I have the same issues with my Droid X.... Does anyone have a solution???

    I have the same issues with my Droid X.... Does anyone have a solution???
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    The Verizon store "always" wants to do a factory reset !! That is because most of them don't know s%#t !!! Mind acts up like that when I need to clean my cache, have too many pics, and need recalibration on the touch sensitivity. . .

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