Hi guys... first off please accept my apologies if this is in the wrong place, this forum is MASSIVE.

I have a bit of a big-bear I really need some help on and Im hoping someone here my solve it.

I have a Motorola DEFY phone, my mate runs a mountain bike track and records his outstanding jumps etc... I d/l'd the MX Player and its all good, the only thing Im a bit vexed about is when I used the default video player (when MX wasn't installed) the videos I clicked used to auto d/l to the phone, with MX installed MX just automatically plays them and I have no way of downloading or saving the said avi's and mp4's to my Defy.
How can I stop this from happening plse and to have them auto default as download? Ive tried everything still no go other than uninstall MX player and I don't want to do this as it's a really good player. My old LG500 used to be sweet, had no probs like this

Thanks heaps for reading and please feel free to throw a few suggestions at me. Cheers all.