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Thread: Physical Keyboard needs Debouncing

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    Physical Keyboard needs Debouncing

    To me it is clear that the physical slide out keyboard desperately needs a better debounce algorithm. When I try to type with the physical keyboard sometimes the key pressed appears twice or the key I wanted to hit is typed and is then immediately followed by an adjacent key. Of course, maybe my finger is too big and I am pressing two keys, but the key I wanted to press is almost always the first that appears in the text field so if there was a proper debounce algorithm in the keyboard driver, this "big finger" problem could be fixed. The proper algorithm would ignore any keypress that occurred within a certain fixed short time after the first keypress. This would prevent double presses and it would also prevent adjacent keys from being incorrectly typed. With this fixed, the physical keyboard would become usable for me.

    So is there a developer out there that can replace the keyboard driver and fix the debounce algorithm? Also, while you are at it, add the predictive text used by the soft keyboard to the physical keyboard (I know there is a hack for this but I would pay several dollars for a downloadable application to fix both these issues).
  2. Droid Sensei
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    To be honest even though I bought this phone BECAUSE of it's physical keyboard I haven't opened it in nearly two weeks. It's disappointing on SO MANY levels...

    Try this:

    Give it a day to get used to it and you may never open the keyboard again.
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    I don't have any of the problems you spoke of, and if I ever do mistype something I know that it's my own fault rather than the keyboard's. Being that it is almost perfectly flat it does take some getting used to, but honestly I like it overall.
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    I'm with FrankH. If there were an app to fine tune how the Droid responds to adjacent keypresses, the physical keyboard would suddenly become useful.

    I have Swype and it is indeed excellent software, but I still prefer a hardware keyboard.


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