Hi. I'm totally at a loss on this and hope someone can help me out...

Purchased brand new Droid2 Global in Jan2011. Last week speaker died. I went into Verizon wireless store and they told me speaker was defective and could only mail me a Replacement Droid2 Global phone and they did. Currently I'm in the process of removing/saving apps, downloads, photos etc from brand new Droid2Global and saving them to my PC to put into the Replacement.

My Problem: I can't get my text messages off the old phone. I know they are SMS files but can't find the actual text file location on the phone internal memory or on the SIM card which I've removed and have it in a USB Reader plugged into my PC.

All I want to do is copy/transfer the entire SMS file folder (if it exists) of all text messages to my SIM card or otherwise. Then take that folder and or each individual SMS file and move it into the Replacement Droid2 Global phone text message data.

I already know about how to go into each individual text message, hold on it and the options appear to Open, Delete, Forward,Copy and Protect message. This is not the options I'm seeking nor does it keep the messages per conversation saved TOGETHER. Moreover it will take forever to Forward all of them to an email account as an email message and they aren't text messages in my phone at that point, they are just sent to be saved as an email message only.
Thanks for any help in advance! I really appreciate it.