I am using a program called, "Jog Tracker," in my Droid X. In order for it to use a voice for reporting location, miles, etc., the program requires me to download the Speech Synthesis Data program. I am confused by this request. The phone already has a text to speech (TTS) program called Pico TTS in it. I already get voice directions when using Google Navigation.

1) If I already have a a text to speech program in the phone why is it necessary to download and install the Speech Synthesis Data program?

2) What does the Speech Data Synthesis program offer that the Pico program does not offer?

3) In the reviews for the Speech Synthesis Data program it was mentioned that it cannot be uninstalled? Does this pose any future problems?

4) Is there any way of knowing which other programs the Speech Data Synthesis program might affect other than the Jog Tracker program, which is the one requesting that I download the Speech Data Synthesis program?