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Thread: Receiving the same SMS multiple times.

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    Receiving the same SMS multiple times.

    Hi all, I've been having this issue for several months now, but it seems to be gradually getting worse. So, I'll try and be as detailed about the problem and my phone info as possible.

    Sometimes, when I receive a text message, I'll get the exact same message multiple times. Usually, I'll get it 2 or 3 times and in quick succession (about 2-4 seconds apart). Sometimes I'll get a repeat of a message up to about 5 minutes later, and the record for the number a message has repeated itself is 17 (yes, really. Seventeen times over the span of about 3 minutes).

    Here's a couple of things worth pointing out right off the bat.

    I'm running the latest version of the MIUI ROM, but I have also had this issue on all previous versions of the ROM, CM7, CM6, CM5, SS 5.x, stock Android 2.1 and 2.2 (rooted and unrooted). I'm currently using ChevyNo1's medium voltage 1.1 ghz kernel, and I have used the 1.25 (mdV), 1.0 (mdV and LV), 900 (mdV and LV), and 800 (ulV).

    I use the stock messaging app. I have used Handcent in the past, but had deleted the app and wiped the phone prior to when this issue started.

    It doesn't do it with every text received, just at seemingly random times. It will happen from an assortment of people that have a variety of phones and across all major carriers. It also seems to happen regardless of whether or not I have a great signal 3G or just one bar of it. I'm good about keeping my coverage updated (via *228).

    Sometimes, I will go several days without this issue. Other times, it will happen multiple times in a day. On average, however, I would say it happens at least once daily.

    It ONLY happens with SMS, never happened with MMS.

    I think that covers it, any ideas?
    Rooted D1, ChevyNo1 1.1ghz mdV kernel, MIUI 1.6.10 ROM. Google voice/Groove IP home phone.
    Droid Incredible 2, Tiamat 1.1.5 kernel, Liquid 3.1 ROM. So far, so good!
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    Its getting worse with me too, if you found the answer please let me know!!
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    Multiple SMS here too

    Been getting multiple copies of SMS randomly as well on my D1. Just started randomly the other day on Verizon.


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