Once again a Verizon phone that cannot make the two year span. My Droid screen's entire right side failed. No, I do not pay the 6.99 (168 annual) to insure against poor workmanship for a $200 phone! I called service instead of waiting in line at the local verizon store.
My option? buy a new phone. No other consideration.
Verizon customer for twelve years? So What .

I purchased a Droid X2 and was assured it would be shipped overnight. Nope! The customer service rep could not even do what she said!!! Shipped june 2, delivered june 6.

Thanks for the great (poor, terrible, uncaring, lousy) customer service. Wish I had a way to tell others how verizon treats customers.
Love this forum......

Oh, wait. I also have an internet company, HobNobLocal.com... 267 local community portals with over 1.4 million members.

Yeal, that's the ticket!!!!!!