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Thread: **HELP** Droid X Won't Boot Past M Screen

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    **HELP** Droid X Won't Boot Past M Screen

    I think that I have looked at just about every post that covers this topic...one problem, I have absolutely no idea what any of this crap means. When responding, please speak to me in English. I don't know what sbf means or how to "flash" my phone, bootstrap mode, blah blah blah. Plain English will suffice. Do not assume I have ANY knowledge, please. I will not be offeneded if you speak to me like a child...it is welcomed whole heartedly, promise. Based on this information, assume that nothing has been done to alter the phone other than normal downloads from the Market (Angry Birds, Facebook, Amazon mp3 player, apps like this...). It is pretty much used to get on FB, send texts, make calls, and play Angry Birds at work when I'm bored out of my mind.

    Ok, so, my Droid X froze while I was playing a game that I downloaded from the Android Market. I have had it on my phone for a few weeks and have had no problems. When it froze, I tried to power off. I held the button down and it vibrated like the screen had come up to power it off, but the screen was not available, so I simply held the button down a little longer. Nothing happened. So I removed the battery and the SD card and waited a few minutes. I replaced both and turned back on; however, it will now not load past the motorola logo screen. Then in searching the forums, these are the tips I found and have done.

    Rebooted by having to hold down the power and home keys then selecting reboot system. Tried turning on again, same problem. Won't load past M logo screen.

    Cleared data/Factory Restore and cleared cache from holding down the power and home keys, then selected reboot system. Still have the same problem. Won't load past M logo screen.

    My phone was just stuck on the M logo screen right now and I plugged in the wall charger. Where the green light should be on saying that it's charging a very faint red light flickers for like less than a split second and then nothing.

    I removed the battery while the wall charger was connected and the big battery shows up with a question mark...makes sense. When I replace the battery, I get the lightening bolt. Now, it shows that I'm only at 5%. When this whole process started, I was at 60%...that was about 20 minutes ago. Did I kill my battery with all this rebooting, or is there an issue with my battery?

    Is there anything else that I can do? Or should I just take it into Verizon?

    Thanks in advance for any help that is given!
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    It sounds like a battery issue. Since you are totally stock I would just bring it in to vzw and see if they can pop another battery in there to see if that works.

    tappin and a talkin
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    Try a battery pull with the phone unplugged. If that doesn't work then a trip to the VZW store is your only hope.


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