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Thread: Goggles causing crash

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    Goggles causing crash

    I have done a quick search and found nothing on this (that doesn't mean it isn't there). Is anyone else having issue with Google Goggles causing a crash? I just got my droid, so the first time it happened I chalked it up to being a noob (already sent out one text premature due to fat fingers and missed a call because I used the headphone jack without running app killer before pulling the jack and the phone decided it was going to stay in headphone mode ((figured that one out)). But it happened again and I'm getting suspicious. Both times I took droid out of sleep mode, put in the unlock code, slid out the app menu, hit goggles and it freezes. The app screen freezes. I can't return to home screen...nothing. I have to do the "battery pull", which I hate. To me thats the equivalent of doing a 'big button' on my pc. Maybe no damage, but I just don't like it.

    Running Android 2.0.1

    Not sure what apps may have been running in background, since droid froze and I couldn't access app killer or anything else to troubleshoot it. Anyone with similar issue?
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    I have Goggles and have had no problems. Try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

    Also, do you have an AV app? That could be making the phone go crazy.


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