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Thread: Droid X sending multiple text message repeatedly?

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    Droid X sending multiple text message repeatedly?

    So I've had my Droid X for about half a year now and I've never really had any problems. Recently (last week I believe) my phone froze while loading Google Maps (which happens every once in a while, no big deal) and I reset the phone. When the phone turned back on everything acted like normal. Later that day I kept receiving text messages from my friends asking why I was sending multiple messages. My phone, on reset, had resent random recent texts, multiple times, to the same people.

    I just thought maybe it was a glitch of something and didn't give it a second thought. Although today I got a call from someone asking why I kept sending the same text over and over. I sent a text an hour ago and everything went fine, but that same person received the text sporadically four times in the past hour.

    I've checked my message settings and the message itself and everything seems to be working fine; I had no idea it was sending multiple texts until I was told about it. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, and how to fix it?

    EDIT: And as for the other phones that are receiving the multiple texts, one is an AT&T iPhone while another is a Verizon Droid 2 Global. And I'm with Verizon.
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    I just started exsperiencing the same thing. I have a thunderbolt which is sending out double and tripple texts


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