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Thread: Where is teh Menu or Setting button?

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    Where is teh Menu or Setting button?

    I am attempting to find the Menu button or a button for Settings so that I may synce a bluethooth. I cannot find one on the homepage or on my keyboard. Please advise as to where I will find this mythical, magic button. Thanks.
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    OK, let me rephrase the question first so that I am sure I'm understanding you correctly. You are trying to locate the Bluetooth menu so that you can sync it up to another device? If that's the question then I have an answer for you :-)

    First things first. Let me answer the first question regarding where the menu button is. At the bottom of your Droid, you will see 4 "hard" buttons. To the immediate right of the back button (the one with the arrow) you will see a button that simply has 4 lines. This is Android's "menu" button. There is also one on the physical keyboard. It's located at the bottom two keys to the right of the space bar and looks the same as the other button. Press this whenever you are looking for menu options within an application as the majority of the time this is how you access them.

    Ok, now that you know where the menu button is, we are going to locate the Bluetooth settings. First, you need to be on one of your home screens. Next, press the menu button we just found. You should now see a new menu appear at the bottom of the screen. The options here will vary depending on which home replacement app you are using (ex. ADW, LauncherPro, Zeam). There might be a "Wallpapers" item, there might be an "Edit" item, but regardless of your home replacement app you should see a menu item called "Settings".

    Click on "Settings". Once in here you will want to scroll until you see an item called "Wireless and networks". From memory, I believe this should be near the top of the list if not at the very top. Either way once you find this then you are here. All your bluetooth settings will be in here inside of another menu item called "Bluetooth settings". Or at least I'm fairly sure that's what it's called. Doesn't really matter though because at this point it should be straight forward for you.

    After making sure Bluetooth is enabled and doing whatever it is you were going to do, be sure to go back into "Settings" and look around because there's a lot you can customize from within here. I hope this answered your question. If not let me know as I'll be watching this thread for NY additional questions.

    Oh, by the way, here is another method for getting into the "Settings" menu. Find the "Search" hard button at the bottom of the Droid (it will be the one to the far right in the same place where the menu button is and it looks like a magnifying glass...also there is one on the physical keyboard two keys to the left of the spacebar). There are two ways you can use this button. If you quickly press and release, you will be able to type in whatever it is you are searching for. Alternatively, you can do a "long press" (just press the button and hold it down without releasing). Doing a long press with bring up the voice search dialog (you can let go of the search button once this appears on the screen). One of the cool things about Android is being able to control a lot of things by using you voice. In our case, after the dialog appears and it prompts you to speak, say "Go to Settings". After a second of processing you request, a confirmation dialog appears. Click the "Go" button. The "Settings" menu should now open. You could also say "Go to Bluetooth settings" to be taken directly into the Bluetooth settings. There are a bunch of other commands you can give the phone. You can even compose emails and text messages this way. To see a list of most of what you can say, long press the search button to bring up the voice search dialog again and click on the "help" button.

    This post might have been a lot more detailed than what you needed so don't get offended if you already knew most of this stuff. I am just going on the assumption that you are new to the Android operating system. :-) I hope that something in here helps you!


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