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Thread: I'm trying to download roms on my Droid, but technology hates me.

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    Unhappy I'm trying to download roms on my Droid, but technology hates me.

    I'm having the worst luck with my Motorola Droid, which doesn't really surprise me, because technology's always given me trouble.

    I just want to have the ability to download games on my Droid. Right now, I'm just aiming for some kind of Pokemon game. I don't care if I have to buy Gameboid later in order to save, I just want to know it works.

    So I look around for information, and I find out that the easiest way to download games is to plug your Droid into your computer and add them manually. I plug my Droid in, my laptop recognizes that I just plugged in hardware, and when I try to open it I get a Vista-worthy message that says "Please insert a disk into drive F:." I know I'm checking the right drive, seeing as it only appears when I plug my phone in, I've tried this on three different computers already, and my charger works, so I can't find out what the problem is.

    But wait, I read about taking the SD card out of the phone and inserting it into the computer, maybe that would work, right? I can't find any stinking SD card slots, meaning I can't take out or put in any SD cards.

    Well, I think, "Fine, then, I'll just download everything directly from my Droid." So I follow some instructions on downloading games directly to a Droid, get a few apps I need, look for a rom that actually works, (I can't download zip files since Crutch isn't available on the market anymore) and I finally download Pokemon Emerald. Awesome.

    Now, all I need left is a GBA BIOS file. I look around for a place to download it, and what a surprise, I can't find any places to download one that doesn't require me to connect the thing into a computer.

    So here I am now, looking for any possible way to get a GBA BIOS file. I can't call the Droid service number, because nobody will be in until Monday, and the instruction booklet is full of step-by-step instructions on how to call somebody or something.

    Unless another atrocious splurge of bad luck pops up out of nowhere (which wouldn't surprise me at this point), I only need one of the following problems solved in order to get Pokemon working on my Droid:
    1: (preferable) I need a link to a GBA BIOS file I can directly download from my Droid without the use of Crutch.
    2: I need to know where the SD card slot is.
    3: I need to find a way to access my Droid from my computer.

    And in case anyone's wondering, I do own the cartridge version of Pokemon Emerald, so I'm not breaking any laws by downloading the rom or anything.
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    try using this link to download the drivers for the droid USB and PC Charging Drivers - Motorola USA
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    When you plug your Droid into the computer you need to go to the Droid notification bar, slide it down, and mount the SD card. You should then be able to copy files to/from the card. Be sure to unmount the card before removing the Droid from the computer.
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    Like the person above said, you have to mount the SD card from your droid to get it accessible in the computer. As to the SD card, it is in the battery compartment of the phone (you can see it with the battery in there, but you'll have to take the battery out to remove the SD card).

    As to downloading files - if you get Astro File Manager I believe there is an option that allows you to download any file type from the browser, which would allow you to download the BIOS file. I could be wrong on this point though.
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    if you take yur sd card out make sure you unmount it first in settings or it wont recognize it later

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